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C185 Flight Dynamics Engine by Bernt Stolle


Stumbled across something at Fly Away Simulations, a "flight dynamics engine" replacement for the various Carenado Cessna 185 versions. Apparently made by Bernt Stolle.

These Flight Dynamics Engines for all Carenado Cessna 185 versions have been made with the great support of four 185 pilots, so they are pretty close to 185s concerning performance and handling. E.G. To achieve a slip you have to use the same amount of aileron and rudder as in the real 185. By Bernt Stolle.


   Back up the original aircraft.cfg file.

   Replace each aircraft.cfg file in the relevant Carenado C185 airplanes folder.

   Copy each 185_xxxx.air file into the relevant Carendo C185 airplanes folder. e.g. the 185_tundra.air into the Carenado C185F Tundra folder.

   If you have additional repaints you need there cfg section to point to the new 185_xxxx.air file!

   Suggest to rename the original Carenado_C185.air file. (If you don't and you add repaints you might end up using the original airfile.)

Read more:

Has anyone here tried this update before?

I have not, but I very well might. Bernt does some fantastic work.

Also found a "damage mod" for the Carenado V35B, here:

Features include: engine wear, engine damage with fire and sound effect, engine oil use, adding oil, propeller wear with sound effect, flaps motor wear, flaps motor damage with sound effect, flaps wear with sound effect, flaps damage with sound effect, landing gear damage with sound effect, landing gear motor wear, landing gear motor damage, wheel brake right and wheel brake left damage with sound effect, flight controls damage (aileron, elevator, rudder) with sound effect, AFCS (Automatic Flight Control System) servos Wear with sound effect, AFCS (Automatic Flight Control System) servos damage, pitot overheat (if you use pitot heat too long on ground), pitot blockage (if you don't use pitot cover on ground), reminder to next maintenance. All damage situations will be logged and saved. By Ismail Hakki Guzel.

And an update here:

Update for the FSX Carenado V35B Damage Mod V1 - This small update corrects: pitot blockage will be repaired if you click on maintenance; maintenance reminder in hours looks better now. By Ismail Hakki Guzel.

just copy the Damage_Mod_V35B.CAB in to Gauges folder, click yes if asked for overwrite.

(this stuff isn't new, I've only stumbled across it today though)

I've tried Bernt's FDEs for the C185.  I like them and use them.  I've tried the damage model for the Bonanza as well, but I rarely fly her, so I don't recall it doing anything.

I'm a mushroom. Couldn't tell the difference between the new FDE from the original stuff. Went back and verified I had the original .air file disabled too.

Haven't played with the damage model for the V-tail yet.

The differences are subtle in regular flight.  Not sure I can tell the difference there.  But when bush flying out of small strips with lots of cargo, you can tell!  She will fly like she's supposed to if you're near gross but the weight is near the edge of the CG envelope.  She can be darned hard to hold steady if the load is off.

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